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Escape Into Board Games

Dec 24, 2023

From Page to Play: The Renaissance of Remarkable IP Board Games | Escape Into Board Games Podcast

In this episode of The Escape Into Board Games Podcast, hosts Chris and Matt explore the flourishing landscape of high-quality board games based on Intellectual Properties (I.P.). The duo reflects on the bygone era of lackluster I.P. games and passionately makes a compelling case for being in the Renaissance of Remarkable IP Board Games. 

From cinematic adaptations to iconic TV series, they discuss the resurgence of creativity and innovation in translating beloved franchises into engaging board game experiences. The hosts then delve into three standout titles: (all based on books)  "Jaws" a suspenseful game capturing the essence of the classic story; "The Expanse Board Game” a strategic masterpiece, skillfully translating the tactical fleet placement and political tension from the acclaimed sci-fi series and "The Godfather: Corleone's Empire" a mafia-themed game immersing players into the world of 1940’s organized crime. 

Join Chris and Matt as they navigate the highs and lows of I.P. board games, celebrating the current era of exceptional quality and immersive gameplay.

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00:00 From Page to Play
01:50 A Case for Being in the Renaissance of Remarkable IP Board Games
20:51 Jaws (2019)
37:26 The Expanse (2017)
58:16 The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire (2017)

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