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Escape Into Board Games

Jan 28, 2024

Join Matt and Chris on an exploration into the captivating realm where the joy of board gaming converges with the profound state of 'Flow.' 

In this episode we delve into the intricacies of the Flow state, a state of consciousness marked by effortless effort, exhilarating challenges, and the seamless flow of actions. Discover how board games, with their diverse mechanisms and immersive themes, serve as a perfect catalyst for triggering Flow. From the delicate balance of challenges and skills to the intrinsic motivators like curiosity, passion, purpose, autonomy, and mastery, board games offer an optimal environment for the pursuit of the Flow state. 

Join us as we explore the concept of Flow and share our experiences with three captivating games: Viticulture Essential Edition (2015), Smartphone Inc. (2018), and Earth (2023) and discuss 'Board Games That Flow: Board Games as a Catalyst for the Flow State.' 

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00:00  Board Games That Flow
03:50  Board Games That Flow: Board Games as a Catalyst for the Flow State
20:43  Viticulture Essential Edition (2015)
47:35  Smartphone Inc. (2018)
67:05  Earth (2023)

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